Why We Desperately Need Our Own App for Meetings

We're building an app to help make our meetings efficient and effective, but in somewhat ironic fashion, having the app now would really help us finish the app.

Like most organizations, we meet up once or twice a week and go over what we’re working on and plan out what we want achieve over the next few days along with having a bit of banter.

However, again like most organizations, we often overrun our allotted meeting time. We forget to take good notes on what we discussed and we quickly forget the meeting outcomes.

This is exactly the problem we are trying to solve at Uniteable. And we can’t wait to start using our own app for our meetings.

Over the last eight months we have done a lot of research into how businesses, non-profits, startups and freelancers conduct their meetings. We know that we are not alone and people are crying out for something that will help them:

  1. Save Time
    Obviously that’s the ultimate goal. We want more time in our day. Shorter meetings would mean more time in the rest of the day. If your meetings are overrunning it’s because there’s probably no-one moderating it and telling you that you’ve spent too long on a particular agenda item.

  2. Bring Everyone Together
    Sometimes in a meeting, someone has one set of notes about what they want to talk about, and another person has a completely different agenda. Unless an organizer sends out an agenda to everyone ahead of time, things can get very out of sync.

  3. Itemize the Outcomes or Tasks
    It should be determined who’s working on what, but unless it's explicitly written down, it can be easy for miscommunication and confusion to take root. This leads to production halts and more meetings to sort out why everyone is waiting on everyone else to do a task that wasn't clearly assigned.

Without a tool to keep everything working together, you'll inevitably need another meeting in just a few days catch up on what’s happening, or not much gets done that week.

As we've experienced these issues firsthand, we realize how desperate we are for a tool that solves the problem of ineffective and inefficient meetings by:

  • Scheduling meetings effectively

  • Encouraging us to stay on-topic

  • Moving us along when we've exhausted our time on a particular agenda item

  • Enabling concise note-taking

  • Outlining the outcomes of the meeting in a PDF

  • Sharing the consistent notes with the team

  • Archiving everything about the meeting for future reference
  • In short, Uniteable aims to save you time (and therefore money!) and help your organization be as productive as possible.